John-Roger has produced over a dozen films

with friend and actor Jsu Garcia, including three feature films. Their first feature Spiritual Warriors, released in 2007 was inspired by John-Roger’s bestselling book, Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living and screened in over twenty-five countries, and officially selected for various film festivals. In 2011 John-Roger and Jsu Garcia co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed The Wayshower, starring Oscar Nominees Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland, which also inspired the recent book by John-Roger of the same name. And most recently Mystical Traveler – The Life & Times of Dr. John-Roger is the feature length documentary of John-Roger’s life, co-produced and co-directed by John-Roger and Jsu Garcia, released in 2014 and currently screening around the world and in film festivals. You can find John-Roger’s films on both Amazon and iTunes.

Mystical Traveler - The Life & Times of Dr. John-Roger

Called the “New Age Philosopher of Love” by TIME Magazine, the Mystical Traveler is a documentary chronicles the inspiring life and times of Dr. John-Roger. Born in a small town in Utah during the Depression, the film takes the journey, in his own words, through John-Roger’s awakening and realization into becoming a renowned spiritual teacher.

Through live footage from John-Roger’s early life to his early seminars, and through interviews with MSIA students and with Larry King, Tony Robins, and Peter Max, this film captures the extraordinary life of a man who dedicated his entire life to service and lifting the consciousness of the planet into greater loving and oneness. His humor, joy, and unconditional loving embraced and touched people around the planet.

The Wayshower

Running from mistakes of the past, a man finds a secret book with ancient powers–a tool that can give him the answers he seeks. But a Dark Force has been awoken… one that will stop at nothing to reclaim the sacred text. When the book is stolen, an age-long battle resumes. But his teacher, a “Wayshower”, can only show him the path to victory, for he must win this epic battle on his own.

Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors is the story of misguided actor, Finn, who meets a mysterious elderly man, Roger, claiming to know him from the past. Roger convinces an extremely skeptical and reluctant Finn to become his student and prepares him to fight the evil power of darkness that threatens the world.

This is Jsu Garcia’s first film as a producer, and unabashed homage to his teacher Dr. John-Roger, the man who helped him open his eyes and start on a quest to self-discovery that parallels Finn’s extraordinary adventure. The movie is an invitation to a journey to the remotest of all places–inside ourselves.